Not all windshield films are created equal.

Choosing the right windshield protection film is a great decision for your vehicle, but it can be tough to differentiate between available options. On this page we're comparing the differences between the different types of windshield protection technology to help you make a choice you'll be happy with!

ExoShield is made for drivers.

No compromising performance.

We put drivers at the heart of everything we do. ExoShield GT3 is built using the most durable technology that never compromises the things that matter.


ExoShield GT3 is more durable and has a longer usable lifetime than other films on the market.

LOWEST Maintenance

With ExoShield GT3 you're not required to apply special coatings or surface treatments.


Our 2 year / 30,000 mile warranty is best-in-class and does not require regular maintenance.

Find Your Fit

What to look for depending on your driving habits.

Answer the following questions to see what features make the most sense for you when it come to choosing the right windshield protection option.

How do you typically use your vehicle?

The climate you live in matters when it comes to how your windshield protection film will stand up to the elements.

If you're driving on highways every day you should be looking for products that are durable and can handle the daily grind.

Look For:
impact resistance

If you primarily tracking your car or attending rallies, you may not need to worry about long-lasting protection products. Focus instead on performance.

Look For:
impact resistance
optical clarity

When you're taking the road less travelled you'll want a product you can rely on. Look for qualities like durability and resistance to abrasion.

Look For:
impact resistance
ABrasion Resistance

If your car spends most of its time in a garage, things like durability may not be as important to you. Instead, look for a product that looks great and performs well.

Look For:
optical clarity
impact resistance
Warranty coverage

How would you describe the climate you live in?

The climate you live in matters when it comes to how your windshield protection film will stand up to the elements.

Hot and humid environments can be tough on automotive films. Look for a product that is specifically designed to resist UV degradation to make sure you're getting the most out of your windshield protection film.

If you live in a relatively mild climate (not too hot, no high UV exposure) you can expect to get longer lifespan out of your windshield protection film. In this case you'll want to focus on a film with high impact and abrasion resistance to get the most out of your investment.

If you're regularly driving on salt or dirt-covered winter roads and using ice-scrapers make sure you look for a product that was made to resist abrasion. Otherwise you risk scratching the film and reducing the usable life.

To be safe, it's best to opt for a windshield protection film that does it all! Look for features like UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and high durability.

How long do you need your windshield protection to last?

The climate you live in matters when it comes to how your windshield protection film will stand up to the elements.

In some specific cases, you may only need a film to protect your windshield for short periods of time. Most reputable windshield protection films will last at least 3-6 months, but this can depend on climate, so make sure you talk to your installer. Scroll down to find out which types of films will work best for you!

If you're looking for a more permanent windshield protection option, look for a film that was specifically designed to have "high durability" or "long lasting". Factors that affect lifespan includes things like UV stability, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance. Keep reading to find out which types of films will work best for you!


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Longer lasting protection

Performance without compromise

Backed by a best-in-class warranty


Why ExoShield GT3?

Long lasting protection powered by our Endurance Class Nanocoating

Longer lasting protection

Performance without compromise

what you can't see

Comparing Windshield Protection Film Technologies


Competitor PET FILM

competitor TPU FILM


Impact Resistance
vs glass alone
vs glass alone
vs glass alone
Clarity (% of light transmitted)
Visible Light Transmittance
Visible Light Transmittance
Visible Light Transmittance


Optical Distortion
Scratch Resistance
6X vs glass alone
6X vs glass alone
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6 months


Warranty Term
2-yr (no maintenance)
1-yr (with maintenance)
1-yr (with maintenance)
Average Installation Time
60 mins
60 mins
15 mins

Traditional PET Film

PET-based film with nanoceramic hardcoat.

High Impact Resistance

Moderate UV Stability

18 month warranty
(Mandatory monthly maintenance)

Moderate Abrasion Resistance

Monthly Maintenance

Moderate Delamination Risk

60-90 min installation

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PET-based film with proprietary nanoceramic hardcoat.

High Impact Resistance

High UV Stability

24 month warranty
(no mandatory maintenance)

High Abrasion Resistance

No Regular Maintenance

Low Delamination Risk

60-90 min installation

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Traditional TPU Film

TPU-based film with self-healing topcoat.

Moderate Impact Resistance

Low UV Stability

12 month warranty
(mandatory Weekly Maintenance)

Low Abrasion Resistance

Weekly Maintenance

Low Delamination Risk

15-30 min installation

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Why invest in a premium windshield protection film

Impact Protection

Optimize for what really matters.

ExoShield GT3 is designed to give you the protection you're looking for. We built ExoShield with technology that gives superior impact resistance while maintaining high optical clarity and durability.

"ExoShield has been a lifesaver! The results are clear (literally).

MADE TO WITHSTAND all climates

Why settle for disposable protection?

Nothing lasts forever, but you should be able to count on your windshield protection to last more than a few months. We designed ExoShield GT3 to have the longest usable lifetime of any windshield protection film.

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2 years / 30,000 mi

We've got you covered for longer.

Every registered ExoShield purchase is covered by our best-in-class standard warranty. Get longer coverage and never worry about hidden requirements like mandatory weekly or monthly maintenance.

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cutting-edge polymer

Trust in a product that's backed by science.

After investing years into research & development, we've created a windshield protection film that is truly made for all drivers, in all climates.

Product Information

Some Common Questions We're Asked

Why is ExoShield made using PET?

PET  is known for its high stability and durability compared to other materials. Although it means a longer installation time because it needs to be hand-formed to the windshield, we believe that PET is a higher quality and more durable technology which is ultimately better for the customer.

Does ExoShield require any special maintenance?

ExoShield GT3 does not require the application of any special coatings or treatments to function properly. Applying coatings to the surface of ExoShield may extend the lifespan of the film, (check out our blog post for a list of approved coatings) but it's not required!

What makes ExoShield GT3 longer lasting than other films?

ExoShield GT3 was formulated with our Endurance Class Nanocoating which is built to last in all climates. To get this longer lifetime, we optimized ExoShield GT3 to have excellent inter-layer adhesion, superior resistance to UV degradation and higher chemical resistance.

Why is ExoShield's warranty longer than other products?

It's pretty simple - our warranty is longer because ExoShield GT3 is built to last longer. We put every single batch of ExoShield GT3 through rigorous testing to make sure it can stand up to most driving conditions. Plus, our warranty doesn't require you to reapply any coatings or treatments to the windshield.

Read our blog post to learn more.
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