Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about ExoShield. Don't see your question? Contact us at team@alchemynano.com and a member of our Customer Support team will be happy to help.

What is ExoShield?

ExoShield is a transparent film that is applied on the exterior surface of a windshield, just like window tint, to withstand the impact of stones. It can increase the impact resistance of your windshield by 6X. In addition, ExoShield can also reject 99.9% of harmful UV radiation to protect your vehicle's occupants and interior components.

Does ExoShield obstruct the driver's visibility?

ExoShield is engineered for a high level of optical clarity to ensure the driver's view of the road remains unobstructed. When installed on a new windshield, ExoShield only reduces visible light transmittance by 1.5%, which is nearly unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Is ExoShield available as a buff-on coating?

No. In fact, any "buff-on" coatings that claim to increase the windshield's impact resistance are likely falsely advertised. The coating thickness of all buff-on coatings claiming to increase impact resistance is too low to measurably change the windshield's impact resistance in any manner.

For buff-on coatings to increase impact resistance, they would have to be significantly thicker than a few micrometers. For thicknesses needed to measurably improve impact resistance, even state-of-the-art coatings technology is insufficient in helping buff-on coatings meet requirements without significantly harming optical clarity. After all, if such coatings technology existed today, why wouldn't they already be integrated into your vehicle's windshield?

How much does ExoShield cost?

Each vehicle windshield is a little different in windshield size and installation complexity, and the First Class WarrantyTM packages you purchase can also affect your price. Alchemy's recommended MSRPs for ExoShield resellers (including installation) can range from $369 for simpler installations with no warranties to $1,099 for complex installations with all warranty upgrades included.

For accurate pricing information, contact your local ExoShield reseller here.

Where can I purchase ExoShield?

ExoShield is available through a variety of automotive film retailers and car dealerships in Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

You can view an interactive map listing all Certified ExoShield Resellers here.

How is ExoShield installed?

ExoShield is applied using the same skills and tools needed to apply window tint. Anyone with a clean operation and sufficient tinting experience can easily install ExoShield.

While ExoShield is considerably thicker than traditional window tint, we've engineered ExoShield to be shrinkable just like window tint. The only modification you'll need to make to your installation process is to use more heat when shrinking to compensate for ExoShield's greater thickness.

How durable is ExoShield?

The components of ExoShield are designed to last as long as the lifetime of your vehicle. To ensure a high quality of customer experience, every batch of ExoShield is tested in our quality control facility for scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance before it is delivered to ExoShield Resellers.

The primary determining factor in ExoShield's usable lifetime is the care and maintenance attitude towards the windshield, wipers, and ExoShield. We've determined that with a few simple steps can help significantly extend ExoShield's lifetime. Click here to learn more about these steps in the ExoShield Care Guide.

Will ExoShield be scratched by windshield wipers?

Windshield wipers themselves will not scratch ExoShield. However, the risk of scratching increases when the windshield is covered with sand or debris from the road that becomes impregnated into the soft material of the wiper blade.

This risk can be mitigated with a few simple steps that will help you significantly extend ExoShield's lifetime. Click here to learn more about these steps in the ExoShield Care Guide.

Do I need special wiper blades for ExoShield?

No, you can use your normal wiper blades with the ExoShield. However, proper care and maintenance of your windshield wipers will help extend ExoShield's lifetime on your windshield. Click here to learn more about these steps in the ExoShield Care Guide.

I've misplaced my Care Guide. Where can I get another one?

Luckily, we have an electronic version of the Care Guide that you can download here.

You can also find an electronic copy of the Care Guide in the confirmation email you received from Alchemy when your ExoShield Reseller registered your purchase.

Where can I find confirmation of my warranty program purchase?

You should have received a confirmation email outlining all warranty details and the relevant information provided to us by your ExoShield Reseller within 10 minutes of registration. If you cannot locate this email or have misplaced it, please contact us at team@alchemynano.com and a member of our customer support team will be in touch shortly.

I haven't received a confirmation email with my ExoShield registration details. What should I do?

Every ExoShield Dealer is required by Alchemy to register ExoShield customers on Alchemy's Dealer Portal at the time of purchase. You should receive a confirmation email from Alchemy outlining all warranty details and the relevant information provided to us by your ExoShield Dealer within 10 minutes of registration.

If you have still not received this email and cannot locate it in your junk email, first contact your ExoShield Dealer to confirm that they have registered your purchase with the correct email address. If you're still having issues, please contact us at team@alchemynano.com and our Customer Support team will help resolve your issue.