The next generation of windshield protection film

Welcome to the next generation of windshield protection. Longer lasting, more durable, and completely invisible. Powered by our proprietary Endurance Class Nanocoatings technology, ExoShield GT3 is built to endure the elements, no matter where the road takes you.


Experience the difference.

ExoShield GT3 is designed to deliver superior abrasion resistance, durability, and weatherability. The most optically clear film on the market, GT3 is virtually invisible once installed. GT3 uses our proprietary nanocoatings technology to ensure no delamination and longer usable lifetime for your windshield protection.

6X more impact resistance than glass.

GT3 is a layered windshield protection film that combines a flexible, shock absorbing layer with our proprietary nanoceramic coating technology to give you durable protection.

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built for all seasons

Longer-lasting protection.

Get protection that can keep up with your daily lifestyle. ExoShield GT3 is the longest lasting and most durable windshield protection in the industry and is built to withstand any climate.

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industry-leading warranty

We've got you covered.

GT3 is backed by the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Our standard manufacturer's warranty keeps you protected for 2-years against any defects.

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Performance without compromise.

ExoShield's Endurance Class nanocoating has a stronger bond between layers than any other windshield protection film, guaranteeing longer lasting protection that doesn't sacrifice clarity or durability.


30X higher crosslinking density to PREVENT DELAMINATION.

Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly

Installing GT3 limits GHG emissions and reduces unnecessary landfill waste.

Lower Insurance Premiums
Lower Insurance Premiums

Keep insurance premiums low by keeping expensive windshield replacements off your record.

Higher Resale Value
Higher Resale Value

Maximize your vehicle's resale value by replacing as few OEM parts as possible.


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People are at the heart of everything we do. We value our partners and we're proud to be a company that you work with because you want to, not because you have to.
ExoShield has been a lifesaver
ExoShield has been a lifesaver; the results are clear (literally). After a weekend of spirited driving during the heat of construction season, I'm a believer"
2014 BMW F80 M3 Owner

It's time to protect your windshield.

Talk to us about ordering ExoShield GT3 for your shop or find an installer near you to get ExoShield GT3 on your windshield!

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Looking for DIY kits for your Jeep or Bronco?

If you drive a Jeep or Bronco you know the importance of windshield protection. That's why we made ExoShield ULTRA, a thicker, more impact resistant film, just for you.