Caring for ExoShield windshield protection film.

Learn how to properly clean and maintain your ExoShield.

These simple instructions will help you maximize the lifetime of your windshield protection film.

For the First 48 Hours After Installation

Don't Soak It

Try to avoid car washes, driving in rain, or using wipers for the first couple days.

Let It Dry

Expose ExoShield to the sun for the first few days to speed up curing.

Give It Time

You might see some distortion initially. This will disappear once ExoShield is fully cured.

Caring for ExoShield

We recommend following these simple care instructions in order to maintain the look and function of your ExoShield.

Keeping ExoShield Clean

Simply keeping your windshield clean of dirt, bird droppings, sap, or other chemicals can help you maximize the life of your ExoShield. Do not pressure wash your windshield. We recommend manually washing your windshield with soap and water, or going through a touchless car wash.

Wiper Care

If you notice your windshield is dirty, clean wipers with a damp cloth to remove dirt or debris from the wipers.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Some cleaning products, coatings, or surface treatments may not be compatible with ExoShield. Stick to an ammonia-free glass cleaner and ExoShield-approved coatings. In some cases, ExoShield-approved coatings can even help extend the life of your windshield protection film.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

List of Acceptable Cleaning Products

  • ammonia-free glass cleaner
  • something else
  • water is probably fine...

Winter Maintenance

In winter, avoid using a metal or rough plastic ice scraper as this may cause unwanted scratching. If you notice your scraper has worn out, you can buff the edge with sandpaper to ensure it will not damage your ExoShield.

Removing ExoShield

At the end of its life, you may start to notice scratching of the surface of ExoShield which can reduce visibility. When this occurs you must remove it immediately.

Talk to a Certified ExoShield Partner about removing and replacing your ExoShield windshield protection.

List of Acceptable Cleaning Products

  • ammonia-free glass cleaner
  • something else
  • water is probably fine...
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