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Windshield protection for today's high-tech vehicles.

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The average windshield now costs $1600+ to replace.

ExoShield windshield protection film is like an automotive grade phone screen protector built for your windshield.

Windshield Protection for Every Driver

Find out why ExoShield is right for you.

1 in 5 new vehicles come equipped with driver safety and assist features.

The sensors that keep you safe need to be recalibrated when the windshield is replaced. This is expensive and time consuming.

source: aaa 2018

ExoShield is 6X more impact resistant than your windshield alone.

ExoShield is a thin film that protects your windshield from stone chip damage and prevents costly replacements.

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What People Are Saying

real stories from real people

"I was driving through northern Ontario when a stone - no a rock hit my windshield. My friend in the passenger seat flinched; we both totally freaked out! Then I remembered my partner had ExoShield installed a few weeks earlier. I’m certain if we didn’t have ExoShield on our Corolla that rock would have definitely chipped if not cracked our windshield. That would have been the last thing we needed on our getaway. Thanks ExoShield!"

- Beth, 2017 Corolla Owner

"I was a little skeptical on whether a film could protect my windshield from road debris, but after a weekend of spirited driving during the heat of construction season with my car group, I’m a believer! Exoshield has been a lifesaver; the results are clear (literally); no chips or cracks!"

- Jeremy, 2014 BMW F80 M3 Owner

"I can drive with piece of mind knowing my windshield is protected from those nasty rocks. Not only does ExoShield protect my windshield from chips and cracks it’s super clear and unnoticeable, like it’s not even there unless you look at it super close. I love the company, service and mostly the product ExoShield delivers to their customers. All my exotics will have ExoShield installed always!"

-Pourya, 2018 Audi R8 V10+ Owner

Get peace of mind with ExoShield

Finally, a windshield protection film built to last.

Stops Rock Chips

6X increased impact resistance to prevent stone chips or other damage that leads to costly replacements.

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Unbeatable Clarity

Visible light transmittance of >90% gives you the protection you need without affecting your visibility or your vehicle's appearance.

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Longer Lasting

6H hardness rating that prevents abrasion from dirt or sand to keep your ExoShield and your windshield looking like new.

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ExoShield was proudly designed in Canada, manufactured in USA.

What people are saying

Hear from our customers who are already enjoying the ExoShield lifestyle.

"It is absolutely perfect, like I had nothing on my windshield. It was money well spent."

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