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Impact Protection

No more rock chips.

ExoShield  is designed to give you the protection you're looking for. We built ExoShield with technology that gives superior impact resistance while maintaining high optical clarity and durability.

exoshield lifesasver

"ExoShield has been a lifesaver! The results are clear (literally).

No more rock chips
Made to withstand any environment
Long-lasting protection

Made to withstand any environment.

Nothing lasts forever, but you should be able to count on your windshield protection to last more than a few months. Both ExoShield GT3 and ULTRA to have the longest usable lifetimes of any windshield protection film.

How We're Different
endurance class nanocoatings

Resistant to scratching from wiper blades.

Both ExoShield ULTRA and ExoShield GT3 are topped with our proprietary endurance class nanocoatings platform to give you superior abrasion resistance.

Resistant to scratching from wiper blades
Trust in a product that's backed by science.
Cutting-edge polymer technology

Trust in a product that's backed by science.

After investing years into research & development, we've created a windshield protection film that is truly made for all drivers, in all climates. Experience the difference.

Something for everyone.

It doesn't matter what you drive - your time and money are valuable. Choose the right product and discover the benefits for your lifestyle and vehicle.

Custom Fit for Perfection

Premium Protection

Extra-tough Protection

Protect Your Peace of Mind



We currently offer two windshield protection film products to our installers and customers depending on your needs.


Competitor PET FILM

competitor TPU FILM


Impact Resistance
vs glass alone
vs glass alone
vs glass alone
Clarity (% of light transmitted)
Visible Light Transmittance
Visible Light Transmittance
Visible Light Transmittance


Optical Distortion
Scratch Resistance
6X vs glass alone
6X vs glass alone
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6 months


Warranty Term
2-yr (no maintenance)
1-yr (with maintenance)
1-yr (with maintenance)
Average Installation Time
60 mins
60 mins
15 mins

ExoShield GT3

Standard PET-based film with proprietary nanoceramic hardcoat. Custom-installed to fit any windshield.

5-mil thickness
best FOR  daily drivers or luxury vehicles

High UV Stability

24 month warranty
(no mandatory maintenance)

High Abrasion Resistance

No Regular Maintenance

60-90 min installation

Available for all vehicles

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ExoShield ULTRA

Ultra-thick PET-based film with proprietary nanoceramic hardcoat. Available as DIY kits for select flat glass applications.

8-mil thickness
best FOR flat glass applications

High UV Stability

24 month warranty
(no mandatory maintenance)

High Abrasion Resistance

No Regular Maintenance

30 min installation

Available for select vehicles only

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Some Common Questions We're Asked

What's the difference between ExoShield GT3 and ExoShield ULTRA?

Both GT3 and ULTRA use our proprietary coatings technology to give drivers long-lasting, premium protection that doesn't compromise clarity. ExoShield ULTRA is about 60% thicker than GT3, making it an ideal choice for flat, vertical glass applications (like Jeeps or Broncos) that need a little something extra. ExoShield ULTRA is not currently available for curved windshields.

Does ExoShield require any special maintenance?

ExoShield GT3 does not require the application of any special coatings or treatments to function properly. Applying coatings to the surface of ExoShield may extend the lifespan of the film, (check out our blog post for a list of approved coatings) but it's not required!

What makes ExoShield GT3 longer lasting than other films?

ExoShield GT3 was formulated with our Endurance Class Nanocoating which is built to last in all climates. To get this longer lifetime, we optimized ExoShield GT3 to have excellent inter-layer adhesion, superior resistance to UV degradation and higher chemical resistance.

Why is ExoShield's warranty longer than other products?

It's pretty simple - our warranty is longer because ExoShield GT3 is built to last longer. We put every single batch of ExoShield GT3 through rigorous testing to make sure it can stand up to most driving conditions. Plus, our warranty doesn't require you to reapply any coatings or treatments to the windshield.

exoshield information
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