The Windshield Protection You've Been Waiting For.

Made for flat glass
Made for flat glass
More impact resistant
More impact resistant
DIY Installation
DIY Installation

It doesn't have to be this way.

When your windshield is a rock chip magnet, a film with better impact protection is everything.
So that's what we built.


Introducing ExoShield ULTRA.

We took everything drivers love about our premium windshield protection film and made it thicker and more impact resistant to give extra peace of mind and protection to those who need it most.


ULTRA is designed to stop rock chips on flat, vertical windshields.

ULTRA impact resistance

ULTRA impact resistance

Better protection without compromising optical clarity. Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee protection against asteroids at this time.

ULTRA long-lasting

ULTRA long-lasting

ULTRA incorporates our endurance class nanocoatings platform to prevent scratching from wiper blades.

ULTRA fast install

ULTRA fast install

Available for select models in DIY kits, complete with all the tools you need to get the job done in 30 minutes or less.


Windshield protection made especially for you.

Protect your Jeep windshield with ExoShield ULTRA.
The industry's favorite windshield protection, now more impact resistant and in a DIY kit.


60% thicker for more impact resistance.

We made ULTRA by making the impact resistant layer of the film 60% thicker than standard windshield protection film. Get maximum protection for the full lifetime of your film with a single, thicker layer you can rely on.

windshield impact resistence jeep

Perfect for industrial applications.

ExoShield ULTRA can be customized for industrial applications where added impact resistance is necessary to keep equipment running. Contact our team to learn more.

ExoShield ULTRA can be customized for industrial applications

Convenient and quick installation process.

ULTRA comes in a convenient DIY kit that can be installed on your windshield in under 30 minutes and includes all the tools you'll need! Not interested in DIY? We've got lots of installers for that!

Convenient and quick installation process
>90% VLT

ExoShield ULTRA is completely invisible to the eye and won't interfere with any sensors or cameras behind the windshield.

8-mil Thickness
8-mil Thickness

60% thicker than traditional films, ExoShield ULTRA has a thicker PET layer to give you more impact protection without compromise.

6H Hardness
6H Hardness

ExoShield ULTRA is built using the same industry-best endurance class nanocoatings platform that powers ExoShield GT3.


Shop ExoShield ULTRA DIY Kits

Jeep wrangler (JL) & GLadiator (JT) DIY KIT

Jeep wrangler (JL)GLadiator (JT) DIY KIT

For 2018+ Models
Includes Tool Kit
Jeep wrangler (JL) & GLadiator (JT) DIY KIT

Jeep wrangler (JL) GLadiator (JT) DIY KIT

For 2018+ Models
No Tool Kit Included
Jeep wrangler (JL) & GLadiator (JT) DIY KIT

Jeep wrangler (JK) DIY KIT - Now available!

2007-2017 Models
Includes Tool Kit
Jeep wrangler (JL) & GLadiator (JT) DIY KIT

Jeep wrangler (JK) DIY KIT - Now Available!

2007-2017 Models
No Tool Kit Included
F*** Stone ChipsT-Shirt

F*** Stone Chips

2 colors available
Multiple Sizes
ExoShield installation
- Paul, 2021 Jeep Gladiator

I took a rock last week that scared the s*** out of me and without a question it would have cracked prior to the ExoShield installation.

How to Get ExoShield ULTRA

Whether you're a master of DIY or would rather leave it to the professionals, there's an option for everyone.


ExoShield ULTRA FAQs

What vehicles are ExoShield ULTRA kits available for?
shop DIY kits

Currently, ExoShield ULTRA kits are available for Jeep Wrangler JL & JK and Gladiator JT models.

We are getting ready to support more models in the future, but in the meantime, our installer network can custom cut and fit the windshield for your vehicle. Click here to locate an installer near you.

Where does ExoShield ULTRA ship?
exoshield ultra ship

ExoShield ULTRA currently ships everywhere within the US & Canada for free. Contact us directly for availability outside these regions.

What is included in the kit?
exoshield kit

Each ExoShield ULTRA kit contains 1 piece of ready-to-install film plus a full set of care & installation instructions. Depending on which option you choose, your kit may also come with a complete set of tools to get you through the installation.

How thick is ExoShield ULTRA?
exoshield ultra

ExoShield ULTRA is a single-ply layer that has a total thickness of 8-mil. We made ExoShield ULTRA thicker to support vehicles like Jeeps that see higher rates of breakage than most vehicles.

What does the warranty cover?
warranty cover

ExoShield ULTRA comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty to protect against manufacturing defects such as  bubbling, peeling, cracking, or delamination of the film. To view the full warranty details, click here.

What is the returns policy?
returns policy

ExoShield ULTRA kits can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase provided the box is unopened and the film is in saleable condition. If your package arrives damaged, let us know immediately and we will exchange the kit free of charge.

My windshield is already broken! Can I install ExoShield ULTRA?
windshield broken

While ExoShield ULTRA can still be installed at your own risk, we do NOT recommend installing the film on any windshield with severe pre-existing damage due to the risk of further breakage during the installation process.

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