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There’s no doubt that Tesla has done a lot for the automotive industry. It’s clear that the electrification era has officially begun, and while Tesla may not have been the first EV on the road, they were certainly the first to make one that people actually wanted to own.

Owning a Tesla is…not inexpensive. The purchase price alone can cause some sticker shock, and as with most premium vehicles, you can expect to pay premium prices on parts and maintenance.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either having to deal with or are worried about a broken windshield. If it’s the former, our sincerest apologies, and while it’s a little too late for us to be able to help you avoid that incoming bill, we’re here to help you figure out next steps to make sure you understand the process and why your Tesla windshield is so expensive to replace.

Keep reading to find out if you can get away with a repair, how much you can expect to pay, and how that cost is calculated.

Can My Tesla Windshield be Repaired?

First of all, Tesla strongly recommends going to an official Tesla Service Center for any windshield repair or replacement. But if you plan on going directly to the dealership for pretty much anything, it won’t be cheap. The cost to replace a Tesla windshield definitely varies based on a number of factors, but most owners report it costing them between $1,000 and $2,500.

Well, if your Tesla windshield has a small chip the size of a dime or smaller, the good news is that you may be able to get away with a simple repair. The general wisdom from most glass experts is that any crack less than six inches long that is not deeper than halfway through the glass may be repairable. Keep in mind that this may not be the case if you’re unlucky enough to have the damage right in front of those cameras we just talked about, since the repair process could interfere with the image captured by the cameras, making the Autopilot system inoperable. In general, regardless of the location of a repaired chip or crack, a small imperfection will likely still be visible and could lead to visual disruptions.

If you’re reading this and thinking about your own, currently cracked windshield right now, it’s important to make a decision as soon as possible on whether to repair or replace your glass. Small cracks can easily spread, and repairing it as quickly as possible is the best way to avoid further damage. This is especially true if you live somewhere with large temperature swings.

Does Autopilot Affect Windshield Replacement?

As a Tesla owner, you’re used to (and probably enjoy) the amount of tech embedded into your car to make the driving experience pretty amazing. Tesla’s autopilot system makes driving just that much safer by monitoring the road around you and powering features like cruise control, lane position, identifying road markings, stop signs - the list goes on! Since many of Autopilot’s systems are powered by cameras and sensors mounted behind the windshield, we’re often asked if this makes replacing a Tesla windshield more expensive compared to say, a Toyota Corolla.

But the reality is that replacing a Tesla windshield in 2022 is materially no different than replacing any other newer vehicle. Almost every vehicle sold in the last few years comes with at least some of these semi-autonomous driving features that rely on fancy cameras behind the windshield. These sensors need to be recalibrated carefully using a combination of manual and automated processes if the windshield is replaced. And while this has driven up the cost of windshield replacement significantly, it’s not unique to Tesla.

You may hear recommendations from Tesla that you take your car to Tesla Service for windshield replacement, but these days many OEMs are recommending the same thing, since each automaker has a unique set of guidelines for how to recalibrate the sensors that they use. As a general rule of thumb, we always recommended that you talk to whoever is replacing your glass to make sure they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to recalibrating the tech behind your windshield, since this can be a pretty serious safety hazard if they get it wrong.

What Makes Tesla Unique

One common complaint we heard was that many insurance companies will not work directly with Tesla Service to cover the cost of repair or replacement of your glass. In this case, you may end up having to pay out of pocket and submitting a claim with your insurer directly for reimbursement.

To avoid this, talk to your insurance company about their recommended auto glass repair service providers.

Average Cost to Replace a Tesla Windshield

Now that we’ve sufficiently scared you about how awful it is to have to replace your windshield, it’s time to give you the facts.

Like we said above, repairing the windshield is always going to be the more cost effective option, but can cause unsightly marks in the glass and in extreme cases, could affect the integrity of the Autopilot system.

If you do find yourself needing to go for a full replacement of the windshield, you’re looking at somewhere between $600-$2300 (including labour) in 2022.

This will vary slightly depending on labor costs at the glass shop you go to and which model you own. On average, pricing for each model is summarized below:

Model S Windshield Replacement


Model 3 Windshield Replacement


Model X Windshield Replacement


Model Y Windshield Replacement


Can Safelite Replace My Tesla Windshield?

Technically - yes!

While Tesla recommends you use their service centers for windshield replacement, you’ll likely find at least a few local glass shops, including Safelite, who are perfectly capable of replacing your Tesla windshield for you. That being said, like we mentioned above, make sure you talk to these shops to make sure they have experience with your particular vehicle type (this goes for any vehicle by the way, not just Tesla!) to make sure they’ll be able to deal with any recalibration properly!

As with anything, we absolutely suggest you call around to a few places locally before taking the first shop you talk to at face value!

What Will Insurance Cover?

One common complaint we heard was that many insurance companies will not work directly with Tesla Service to cover the cost of repair or replacement of your glass. In this case, you may end up having to pay out of pocket and submitting a claim with your insurer directly for reimbursement.

To avoid this, talk to your insurance company about their recommended auto glass repair service providers.

Tesla Windshield Replacement FAQs

Can Safelite Replace Tesla Windshields? Yes, Safelite can replace a Tesla windshield, but some customers experience longer wait times due to delays in shipping the windshield from Tesla.

How Do I Protect My Tesla Windshield? After replacing one windshield, chances are you'd like to prevent it from happening again. There are options for windshield protection film made exactly for this purpose, and are essentially like a phone screen protector, made for the windshield. For more on how to choose the right one for your car, check out this post.

Does Tesla Replace Windshields? Yes, Tesla does replace any damaged windshields. In fact, Tesla recommends taking your vehicle to Tesla Service if you need a windshield replacement to ensure the integrity of the cameras and sensors behind the windshield.

Who Makes Tesla Windshields? The glass found in Teslas, including the windshield, is produced by American Glass Products (AGP).

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tesla Windshield? Depending on where you go, the price may vary. However, the cost can quickly go beyond $1,000 and as much as $2,000.

Does Tesla Warranty Cover Windshield Damage? If an impact caused the damage, Tesla warranty would not cover the damages. However, if the glass started cracking due to a manufacturing defect, it can be covered under warranty.

How to Clean a Tesla Windshield? Apply a streak-free glass cleaner onto your windshield and wipe it down with clean microfiber towels. Make sure these towels are only used for glass cleaning as they can pick up debris easily.

Does Tesla Insurance Cover Glass? Yes, Tesla Insurance does cover glass. However, Tesla Insurance is currently offered in select states only.

Do Tesla Windows Have UV Protection? Yes, Tesla windows do have UV protection! Adding a ceramic coating or windshield protection film on your windshield will also give you a bit of extra UV protection as well.

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