Windshield Protection Benefits No One Talks About!


You may already know that the main benefit of adding a windshield protection film is really to reduce the chances of windshield damage during normal driving conditions. It’s pretty obvious that if you want to prevent having to repair damage or replace your windshield (which can be very expensive in 2023), but most people don’t know that there are several other benefits to adding a windshield protection film to your glass that aren’t talked about.

In this blog post, we’re going to break down the truth about what you can expect when you protect your glass with a windshield protection film product like ExoShield.

But before we dive into it, it’s important to keep in mind that not all windshield protection films are the same. We’re going to be speaking from experience with ExoShield.

Adds Extra UV Protection

In 2023, we’re all well aware of the fact that excessive sun exposure is bad for us. And not only is it bad for your skin, but it’s also extremely harsh on your vehicle’s interior as well.

While adding a tinted film to your windshield is not legal in most states, you can still opt for a clear film and get UV rejection benefits. A high VLT film like ExoShield actually contains tiny nanoparticles that actually block out harmful UV radiation from the vehicle - protecting both you and your vehicle’s interior at the same time!

Disclaimer: ExoShield is NOT a heat-rejecting film! Rejecting UV rays will not keep your vehicle cool, but it will help keep your skin safe!

Prevents Scratching & Pitting

When we talk about damage prevention with a windshield protection film, we’re usually talking about the catastrophic, glass breaking type of damage that leads to an emergency appointment at a glass repair shop.

But even if you aren’t faced with regular windshield replacements, chances are that your unprotected glass is still taking a bit of a beating. Anyone who drives their car regularly is well aware of the pitting and micro scratching that happens to the surface of the windshield glass over time. As inherently scratch resistant as the glass is, after a few years your windshield is bound to look far from perfect!

For some people, this isn’t an issue - they’re happy as long as they can still see out of the windshield and there’s no major damage. But if you’re planning on showing off your vehicle to car shows or are just a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to your car, this micro-damage is a no go!

While your windshield protection film will also eventually become scratched and pitted, similar to your windshield, it’s much easier and less expensive to replace than the glass, and can act as the sacrificial layer that takes the beating while you’re out on the road instead of your windshield.

Preserves Your Original Windshield (& Factory Seals)

This one is similar to the previous benefit. For many drivers, preserving the original windshield is a big deal. Not only is resale value generally higher if you’ve got all original parts when you sell your vehicle, but there’s also the idea that the seals around the glass will never be the same once they’re broken.

For many luxury vehicles (take Porsche for example) the windshield is expertly fitted using advanced automation technology that is designed to get the fit right every single time when the windshield glass is being installed at the factory. When that windshield is replaced, it’s virtually impossible to replicate the perfection of the original, even with the most skilled auto glass technician.

Whether it’s for preserving resale value, or it’s just something that you care about, there’s a lot of value in maintaining as many of the original parts in your vehicle as possible, including the windshield!

There’s no question that a windshield protection film is a must-have to reduce the chances of having to shell out the cash to replace your windshield, but keep in mind that there may be other benefits to adding that additional layer that you weren’t aware of!

Now it’s time to choose the right windshield protection for you so that you can drive protected and with peace of mind this summer!

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