We've never seen a windshield protection built to last. So we made one.

Introducing ExoShield GT3

Welcome to the next generation of windshield protection. Longer lasting, more durable, and completely invisible. Powered by our new Endurance Class nanocoatings, ExoShield GT3 is built to endure the elements. No matter where the road takes you.

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Longer lasting and more durable than any other windshield protection.


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Windshield protection for every driver.

ExoShield is the leading windshield protection film designed to stop rock chips and prevent expensive windshield damage.


Better performance in harsh environments.

ExoShield GT3 is designed with cutting-edge polymer technology to build a windshield protection film that can stand up to the elements.

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No compromise on quality or performance.

ExoShield GT3 is undetectable to the human eye. This means you can maximize protection without interfering with your vehicle's appearance.

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Engineered to endure the road ahead.

Our industry-leading hardcoat technology is resistant to even the deepest scratches and can stand up to chemical and UV exposure better than any other film.

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Powered by the Endurance Class.

More durable than any other windshield protection.

10x better inter-layer adhesion to stop delamination
Long Lasting Scratch Resistance
NO Delamination
NO Yellowing Over Time
exoshield diagram layer
Shock-absorbing substrate
Nanoceramic Hardcoat
Increased crosslinking between layers

How Long Does Windshield Protection Last?


When it comes to choosing windshield protection for your car, how long it lasts is one of the most important things to consider before making the investment. We're breaking down the latest in windshield protection technology, explaining why some last longer than other, and share some tips for how to make your windshield protection film last even longer!

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