ExoShield Warranty, Care, & Protection Options

Experience true peace of mind with an industry-best warranty and premium add-ons.

Our standard warranty and optional add-ons give you more comprehensive protection than any other windshield protection film.

ExoShield Standard Warranty

2 years / 30,000 miles

Every ExoShield purchase is protected by the longest and most comprehensive Standard Limited Warranty in the industry.

comprehensive protection

longer lasting

Easy claims process

Terms and conditions

Extra Care Options for Added Peace of Mind

Choose from our optional add-ons to help you maximize your ExoShield experience.

Care & Coverage Upgrades

upgrade your experience with premium add-ons

  • Limited warranty that covers accidental damage to your ExoShield protected windshield.
  • Avoid paying deductibles or increased premiums that come with insurance claims
  • Added security that gives you peace of mind when the unexpected happens
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  • Taking good care of your ExoShield is the key to maximizing the life of the film.
  • The best way to increase the life of your ExoShield is to maintain and replace your wipers regularly.
  • As an ExoCare subscriber, you'll receive a new set of high-quality wiper blades, delivered to your door every 3 months for the year.
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Glass Protection Warranty

Full coverage for your windshield.

Prevent unexpected replacement costs with the ExoShield Glass Protection Warranty which gives you coverage in the event that your windshield is damaged with ExoShield installed. Designed for daily drivers who want maximum protection against unpredictable damage from stone chips. Ask your installer about GPW options when you purchase ExoShield.

multiple coverage levels

covers repair or replacement

Quick and simple claims

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Glass Protection Warranty


With ExoShield your windshield is 6X more resistant to stone chips, but we know that accidents can still happen. In the unlikely event that your windshield is damaged while ExoShield is installed, we offer an extended warranty that covers the cost of your windshield repair or replacement for as long as you have ExoShield properly installed on your vehicle.

covers repair or replacement

easy claims process

multiple coverage levels

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What you get with GPW:
  • Full or partial cost of repair in the event of damage during normal driving conditions.
  • Full or partial cost of windshield replacement in the event of irreparable damage under normal conditions.
  • Choose from multiple levels of coverage available for the ExoShield Glass Protection Warranty depending on your needs.
  • You must have purchased and had ExoShield installed by a Certified ExoShield Installer.
  • Your ExoShield must be registered by your installer at the time of purchase.
  • GPW must be purchased at the time of sale and registration of ExoShield.

"I purchased the optional Glass Protection Coverage and when a rock from a truck tire struck the windshield on the BMW with enough force to crack the glass even with the ExoShield, the claim was approved within less than an hour of submission of the photos and documentation, providing for the cost of the windshield replacement and the new ExoShield application."

- Seth R.

ExoCare Wiper Replacement

Get the most out of ExoShield.

The best way to maximize the life of your ExoShield is to regularly maintain and replace your wipers. As an ExoCare subscriber, you'll receive a new set of wiper blades delivered right to your door. Talk to your installer about enrolling in the ExoCare program.

high quality wiper blades

adaptable and easy to install

automatic shipping every 3 months

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