Windshield protection you can trust

Razor thin and completely transparent.

ExoShield is a nanocomposite film that is both shock absorbing and scratch-resistant.

Prevent expensive windshield replacements

Get peace of mind with a windshield that is 6 times less likely to break with ExoShield installed.

Optically clear for a pristine look

ExoShield is undetectable to the human eye. This means you can maximize protection without interfering with your vehicle's appearance.

Maximum durability for tough environments

ExoShield uses nanotechnology to give you the best possible lifespan with an industry-leading hardcoat that resists scratches.

Compatible with all sensors and cameras

ExoShield will not interfere with the cameras and sensors powering the driver assistance features located beneath your windshield.

Eco Friendly

Installing ExoShield limits GHG emissions and reduces unnecessary landfill waste.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Keep insurance premiums low by keeping expensive windshield replacements off your record.

Higher Resale Value

Maximize your vehicle's resale value by replacing as few OEM parts as possible.

The world's most trusted windshield protection

Powered by state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

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Find the protection that works for you

Coverage options for every driver


Industry-leading windshield protection technology.

Full installation by a certified ExoShield installer in your area.

Standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


All the benefits of ExoShield Classic.

Enrolment in the ExoCare program to maximize the lifespan of your ExoShield.

With ExoCare, receive a new, high-quality pair of wiper blades right to your door every 3 months.


All the benefits of ExoShield Plus.

Lifetime Glass Protection Warranty to give you complete financial protection against windshield damage due to stone chips.

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