How to Make $100k with ExoShield This Year

A top ExoShield partner shares key insights

Learning from other business owners who have already been successful is the best way to make small changes that have a big impact on your business. We're taking a look at our top partners to find out what they're doing right with ExoShield.

John Gray and his team at Gulf Coast Auto Shield started installing ExoShield in February. In just 3 months, John has already become a Top 5 ExoShield partner in the USA. We spoke with John to find out the keys to his success.

Why did you want to offer ExoShield in your shop?

I knew that if somebody could come up with something to protect windshields, it would be a real winner just based on the fact that Houston is such a terrible town to drive in from the standpoint of debris on the road.

What was your experience with installation?

After trying to get it down on a couple cars, we ended up hiring  Alex (our installer) who had 14-15 years experience with tinting. The funny thing was that the first car we did was my GT350. The day Alex was installing it, I went home before they started working on it and when I came back in the next day, I looked at it and thought ‘oh man, they couldn’t do it’. Well it turns out - it's on my car, you just couldn't see it. We sent him off to training the next day and he just killed it.

How did training help you?

The biggest thing that our installer got out of training was the opportunity to try a couple new things and he met the ExoShield trainer so he’s got a contact. Now if he has questions or concerns he’s got a number he can call - that’s a big deal.

What is the #1 way you sell ExoShield to customers?

Selling it when they buy other things. That’s been the biggest thing.

We also try to do a good job on the installation and  let customers know that if something’s not right with the install, we’re going to take care of it for them. Customers don’t have anything to worry about from that standpoint.

What is your top advice for new resellers?

Don’t overpromise. I always tell my customers that there’s nothing that’s infallible. I show them the ExoShield video, and we have a Range Rover windshield in my showroom which we’re probably gonna let customers throw something at.

We just try to be super simple, and explain to the customer what the product is, what it does and doesn’t do. I think that’s the most important thing. We also remind them that if you have something that hits your windshield really hard, yeah it may bugger up your ExoShield just a little bit, but that would’ve been your windshield.

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